All about Torex cough syrup red flags

There are many problems in our body that can be severe but some problems are the casual problems that can happen anytime due to the change of weather or due to the eating of outside food or having a chilled drink. These problems are temporary in nature and can be sorted by taking medicines for few days. Some of the casual problems that can be termed as temporary until or unless it happens more often are:

·        Fever
·        Rashes
·        Pimple
·        Loose motion
·        Cough

Among the above problem the problem of cough is faced by many people, rather everyone once in a year. There are many antibiotics that come for treating cough and throat. Also there are many cough syrups that help in the same way. Among the different syrups torex syrup is mostly preferred by people. Torex cough syrup is like a medicinal liquid that helps in curing different types of cough whether it is dry, allergic, whoop, smokers, post surgery etc. Although torex syrup is the best syrup for getting relief from the cough but there are certain side effects that are situated with every medicine that people need to know. These side effects are:

·        Vomiting
·        Dryness in throat
·        headache
·        Rashes
·        Over sleepy
·        Constipation

There are some red flags that need to be shared before using this cough syrup and everyone should know about it. These red flags are:

·        Pregnant women: During pregnancy it is advised not to consume this syrup until or unless it is required urgently. Before consuming the syrup you should ask and discuss with your doctor and implement his/ her guidance accordingly.

·        Breast feeding: Until it is absolute necessary torex syrup should not be consumed by mother at the time of breast feeding.

·        Driving: If a person is driving or is going to drive then he/she should not consume this syrup as it can make the person sleepy.

·        Operating a machine: If a person is operating a machine specially that machine that requires the person to give full attention to its working should not consume this syrup as it can cause person to feel dizzy and person can feel sleepy.

·        Combination of the syrup with other medicines: This syrup with the combination of some other medicines can lead to increasing the problem as a combination of this syrup with some medicines can cause many side effects. Example interaction of syrup with sedatives, morphine, tranquilizers etc. can lead to many other side effects.

·        Alcohol: Consumption of this syrup with alcohol is not recommended at all as it can lead to more side effects and other complications.

If you’re on some medicines and wanted to consume this cough syrup you must ask and consult with your doctor. The dosage of this syrup is not fixed and will depend and vary from person to person. The dosage is decided on the basis of the condition of the patient. Consumption of torex cough syrup with honey has also helped in curing of throat more effectively.