What Are The Possible Surgical Treatments to Overcome ACL Disorder?

ACL disorder can have various causes, based on the reasons for the injury; there can be a considerable difference in the nature of the damage.

ACL treatment can be a necessity both because of contact and non-contact mechanisms. Some of the common reasons for ACL damage are:

Non-Contact Mechanism:
  • Sudden twisting of the knee in the ground while changing directions
  • Missing a step when you are climbing up or down the stairs
  • Restricting your motion when your legs are overextended or bent
  • Transforming in an undesirable way from one form of movement to another
  • Improper landing when you jump from a height
Contact Mechanism:
  • Falling with force on your extended knee
  • Getting hit on your knee when you are playing with the foot planted on the ground
For different causes of ACL damage, the ACL Surgery Cost in India and the surgery process varies.

Different Types of ACL Surgery Procedures to Cure the Disorder:

After the completion of the prognosis process on the patient, the doctor decides for the method to be followed for the ACL surgery. There are two different techniques for ACL joint repair; it includes:
  • ACL Reconstruction Surgery:
After the failure of non-surgical ways of treatment of the ACL, the primary choice of orthopaedic surgeons to repair the joint is ACL reconstruction surgery.

It is the primary choice for surgical management of ACL injuries because of the highly satisfactory outcomes of the procedure. This process of treatment involves minimum damage to the connecting tissues as the surgeons make use of the arthroscopic or endoscopic procedure.

In this process, the surgeon's graft an artificial tissue in the knee that can replicate the original function without offering inconvenience.

ACL Reconstruction surgery provides utmost stabilising and strengthening of the knee. There are minimum complications after the surgery and thus allowing the immediate recovery.
  • Surgical Repair Process of ACL:
It is one of the rarest procedures of treatment, taken into practice when both the non-surgical method as well as ACL reconstruction fail to provide the necessary aid to the patient.
In this method, the surgeons treat the damaged ligaments by using the reposing and the suturing procedure.

It is maximally invasive open surgery that may result in considerable post-surgical complications. However, the surgeons in India possess the expertise in providing the treatment to the patient as per their condition. Even if the patient has to face certain side-effects, the doctors help the patients to recover with proper rehab program after the surgery.

Well, the orthopaedic surgeons make use of this procedure only when the ligament is torn off during avulsion yet attached to the joint. But, all the doctors only follow this procedure when it is an emergency, the rest of the time they like to go with other available options.

Final Words:

Along with the successful outcomes of the surgery, ACL Reconstruction Surgery Cost in India is considerably low. The cost of all orthopaedic procedures in the country are one-third compared to the price of systems in other countries.