The Secret to Finding the Best Loan Options for Your Needs

What is a loan?

Sometimes we face a situation where our finances are not enough to fulfil the demand for our needs and this is where we require a loan. Loans can be in the form of money, property, and material exchanged for future repayment along with finance charges. It is time-bound and issued by banks or any other financial institution. The term of the loan is decided among lenders and borrowers; they together decided monthly instalments as well.

What are personal loans?

Easy loans also make it possible to maintain our admired lifestyle. We often need money to buy different gadgets or for various other necessary household or personal expenses. Mostly these loans are not backed up by any collateral which makes it difficult for the lender to recover funds if the borrower fails to payback.
Types of personal loans

Unsecured loans – These are the most common loans which are preferred by people, here you don’t need to submit any kind of collateral in exchange for the loan. The rate of interest that you will receive in such loans is based mostly on your credit score. Payback can range from 1 to 7 years.

Secured loans – These kinds of loans are beneficial to the lender as well, here you have to submit collateral in exchange of the loan. If you are unable to pay back the lender, your asset might be seized. These may include car loans, house loans etc. Rates are usually low thus these are less risky.

Fixed-rate loans- these kinds of personal loans carry fixed rates, which indicate that the rate of interest and monthly payments are fixed and remain the same throughout. It helps in maintaining the budget as you know the amount that will be deducted.

Co-signs loans- If you have no credit history then these kinds of loans can be helpful to you. Here you have to co-sign a person along with you, the one with good credit history, and is willing to pay in case you fail to do so. Co-signing the person helps in improving your chances of qualifying for a loan and also benefits you by getting you low-interest rate. The only difficulty that you can encounter is finding that person with good score willing to take the risk with you. They are beneficial especially when you have to pay for any on-going debts.

Debt consolidation loan – These loans combine all of your multiples debt into one new loan. The debt repayment is done monthly. It simplifies your debt-paying process.

A personal line of credit – Similar to the credit card process here instead of receiving one huge amount at one time, you can borrow on your on the basis of your needs and pay for it later.

Peer to peer lending – An online platform which connects borrowers & lenders together and makes the process of acquiring a loan easier. It’s a direct lending process where middle man is cut down and borrowers & lenders can directly contact each other. This alternative source of finance is operated online and provides unsecured loans.

P2p loans- the borrower side

Often we need money for an emergency and P2P platforms are a great saviour to acquire quick loans without facing any hassles. All you have to do is submit your application online with your requirements. Keep your documents handy so that when a lender contacts, you should be ready. Once verified and credit score checked your loan will be approved which means an instant solution to your problem. Borrowing from such a platform can be a good idea if you understand its risk. Lenders sometimes can charge you with prepayment penalties if you decide to go for paying back before decided period.


Personal loans benefit you by providing a higher return and being easily accessible than the financial institution. They come with a low-interest rate due to competition among lenders.