iPhone 11: What to Expect from Apple’s Next-Generation Device 

We are already into the month of August with September to follow. And you know all iPhone lovers and enthusiasts eagerly wait for this month. Yes, it’s more than a carnival for them as Apple unveils the latest range of iPhone sets. 

The September of the year 2018 marked the introduction of iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max. So, do you think Apple can break away from its tradition? No, certainly not. 

Therefore, you can expect Apple CEO Tim Cook to share the center stage once again to launch a series of three brand new iPhone models in the coming months. However, please note an important point here. The release of new iPhone models is still speculation or rumours as there is no confirmation about the specific date. However, according to a media report published in The Wall Street Journal all, these sophisticated and cool devices are slated to make their way on the 10th of September 2019. 

Introduction of Apple A13 Chip

According to Apple’s official blog site 9 To 5 Mac, the new iPhone 11 will have the Apple A13 chip. This chip is internally known as by its platform code Cebu model T8030. 

The website further reports that all three iPhone 11 models will come with a Lighting port. However, it was expected that it will migrate to USB-C as it has made changes in the iPad Pro last year. 

The Three Models of iPhone 11 

Now, let’s reveal the names of all the three models of the iPhone 11, which has already created a huge buzz amidst the iPhone App Development Company. Their names are-

  • iPhone 11 Max or D43 
  • iPhone 11R or N104
  • iPhone 11 Pro or D42 

Apple is set to introduce a 3x OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) Retina display in the D42 and D43 models. However, the N104 will continue with 2x Liquid Retina display as available in the previous models. Also, all the iPhone models will come with a similar screen resolution. 

Rolling the iPhone 11 Taptic Engine

Apple is known to offer surprises with every new launch and update of its iPhone or iOS. With iPhone 11, you will witness a new feature known as the Taptic Engine, which is also referred to as codename leap haptics. As of now, we haven’t received any information regarding what type of features the engine will contains. However, we can anticipate that it will focus more on the improvement of Haptic Touch as the new devices will be devoid of 3D touch functionality. 

Apple removes the 3D Touch Facility With iOS 13

The company has removed the 3D Touch facility with the introduction of iOS 13 and brought the Haptic Touch. 

The Haptic Touch requires you to press slightly longer in all devices including iPads and iPods. Apple has brought key changes in the hardware’s improvements with iOS 13. It allows iOS app developers to eliminate the 3D Touch without any interruptions or difficulty.  

What about the Advancement of Camera 

One of the biggest visible improvements in the iPhone 11 is related to the camera setup. In fact, the speculations had already begun last year with Bloomberg’s report that Apple will introduce the facility of three-rear facing lenses in at least one of the iPhone models (probably iPhone 11 Pro) in 2019. 

Also, we are going to see further enhancements in lens and megapixel ranges. Apple wants to compete with top brands like Google, Samsung, and Huawei. Thus, it will bring more advanced technical cameras with greater potential and wide-angle shorts.  

And this is not all that you get with iPhone 11. For those who have a knack for clicking the best pictures, they have the option of a feature known as Smart Frame. It allows you to take photos and videos with the area around the entire frame. You can even adjust the framing or even opt for an automatic perspective, and crop the corrections. The iPhone will help to retain additional information for some time, which automatically gets discarded for security reasons. 

Apple is also expected to upgrade the front-facing camera as well using which you can even record a video in slow motion at 120fps. 

Introduction of Bilateral Charging

We know that Apple had introduced the AirPower wireless charging mat but it has removed this feature. It left users to use third-party solutions for charging their devices. However, with iPhone 11, we are going to witness the bilateral charging facility.  

The bilateral charging facility allows you to power your other iPhone devices and iPods using your current iPhone’s battery.  

Wrapping up the Discussion

If you are anxiously waiting for the arrival of Apple’s next-generation iPhone 11, you will have to hold your nerves. Most probably Apple will make the official announcement in the second week of September where it will inform when it’s going to be available at online and offline stores.