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No one can possibly say no to travel. If you’re looking for a new hip destination to head to, A Coruna in Spain can be a great choice. Not as popular s Barcelona or Madrid, A Coruna is a port city located in the northwest of Spain, known for its beautiful coastal views and lighthouses. If you’re not the kind of traveller who likes to head to cliché mainstream places, then why not give this a shot? Using the code vuelingdiscount 2019, you can get the best prices! Here are a bunch of things you could possibly do:
  1. Tower of Hercules
This is a symbol of the city and the Roman lighthouse that really stands out. Irrespective of whether you’re interested in history or not, it makes for a must visit! It is a fifteen minute walk from the city centre and the view from top is really awesome.
  1. Aquarium Finisterre
You can’t possibly visit this place without getting a glimpse of the diverse marine life that exists under the ocean’s surface. Guests have the opportunity of viewing the Atlantic Marine species in an educational setting. The beautifully lit tanks hold a plethora of sea creatures like jellyfish, sharks and rays.
  1. Domus
Visit because the architecture is quite magnificent and was designed by the Japanese architect- Arata Isozaki. It is the pride of Gallicia and is shaped like a ship sail. The complex has a theatre, restaurant and museum. Just in case you didn’t know, this is the first museum to be dedicated to human species; it also has 3 major exhibition halls that profoundly showcase humanity, genetics and evolution.
  1. Maria Pita Square
This is the most significant of the city’s plazas that represents a rather tumultuous past and is present in the heart of modern A Coruna. Maria Pita, who is celebrated as the heroine of the city, was a 16th century local woman who is credited for killing an English soldier and in turn reciting a counter attack. Tales of her bravery are spoken about to this day, and to honour her, a statue is built at the Square for everyone to admire.
  1. Paseo Maritimo
If you don’t like to compromise on your fitness even while you’re on holiday, the best way to take a stroll around the city is Paseo Maritimo. It is a scenic promenade that winds around the entire old town. With stunning ocean views, it guides visitors to many of A Coruna’s attractions including several urban beaches. If walking does not appeal you, then you can always use the tram system called travia.
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