Bestseller 1250 KVA generator for sale

Imagine your life without power supply. The thought itself makes you feel terrible; however, this is a harsh reality for some. Power outages often last for hours, days or even weeks, and they can be costly if you're not prepared. Hurricanes, tornadoes and ice storms can disrupt our power supply system. But it's not just inclement weather that can turn the lights out. Curious animals, automobile accidents, human error, and utility failures also can trigger a blackout. Prepare now by adding a standby generator or portable generator that will help make power outages more manageable.

What is a generator?

Generators are useful appliances that supply electrical power during a power outage and prevent discontinuity of daily activities or disruption of business operations. Generators are available in different electrical and physical configurations for use in different applications.

Main components of a generator

3.Fuel System
4.Voltage Regulator
5.Cooling and Exhaust Systems
6.Lubrication System
7.Battery Charger
8.Control Panel
9.Main Assembly / Frame

Specifications and description

Following are the specifications of a 1250 KVA generator 

Cylinders 12
Phase Three Phase 
Warranty 0
Power Rating Range 1250
Fuel Tank Capacity Range 0 Liters
Weight Range 10800
Speed 1500 rpm
Battery Capacity 0 Ah

1250kva generator for sale is a popular choice that you can consider as a commercial generator as you are sure to get the best. This comes with a high performing engine with the durable crankshaft. It also features a very efficient coolant system and Steps Timing Control injectors making this is one of the best choices. The engines used in the generators are upgraded continuously to offer you the best. Enjoy uninterrupted power supply with one of these for long hours.

Technical Features

This is a three-phase generator that delivers a power of 1250 KVA and thus offers excellent power back even during power cuts. It comes with a brushless alternator with PMG standards and Class H insulation. It comes with AMF Power Command control panel that runs on an integrated microprocessor and helps to regulate power voltages of the unit and offers protection to alternator and engine. There is an LCD display with LED backlight for displaying electrical parameters. It also comes with Amp Sentry protection ensuring best power output.


This is a great economical option that you have in terms of buying a generator and it can be used for running different applications across all industries.

Other Features

It comes with 12 cylinders and the speed of the generator is 1500 RPM. This is a diesel generator and one of the best that you can get.

Doing your research before buying will ensure that you get value for money. So, if you are looking for a 1250kva generator for sale you must read about all its features, advantages, seek expert advice and understand your requirements so that your generator not only ensures power back up but also makes sure there are efficient and smooth functioning in your day to day life.