These Small Business Technology Statistics Are Surprising

Most of the small business are now using digital media for their work, as smartphone applications, online platforms and other digital frameworks are mostly use to reduce time and cost for every small business.  

Innovation is regularly charged as a way to supplant human work, yet ongoing information recommend that independent companies are really hoping to help headcount, even as they spend more money to update activities. As indicated by the National Federation of Independent Business Research Center, 36 percent of little organizations were not ready to fill open positions in June, coordinating the overview's record high from November 2000. For littler firms, one strategy being utilized to pull in new laborers is with shorter or remote work hours.

Surprising small business technology statistics

There are 35% small business which don’t have IT support (SMB Group).
Only 53% of small business which have a website (AT&T Small Business Technology Poll).
80% of small businesses even in 2019 are still using a manual integration tool for there business (SMB Group).
Mobile apps which are commonly used in small business are saving small business employees 725 million work hours per year, this report is generated by (CNBC).
Microsoft says that Small business are now using technology from 2015 and spending increased by 50% (Microsoft).
There is a report generated in 2016 that 66% of small business are failed because they are not using technology.
With the passage of time 66% of small business owners are now depending on mobile devices like Laptops, PC, and IPads etc. to manage operations (IPad Rental).

In the whole world there are 92% of small businesses that are now using one or more online solution for their business (SMB Group).
Microsoft says that Cloud solutions is very important for small business because it can decrease small business workload by at least 42% (Microsoft).

According to this case study which is done by John Smith, the 279 small businesses and investors that asked many questions about how their company’s spending on IT service providers will change in 2019 compared to 2018, 48% of small business are  expected it to remain flat in next upcoming years. About 30% of small business expected that it to increase by 11–30%. Between 1–6% of small business are expected it to either increase by 31% more, or they are thinking about to decrease by 11% or more. 

If we talk about this year small business are much needed IT solutions because small business are much dependent upon technology for their productivity, efficiency and have to increase their business hours. Now in all over the world people are migrating toward online system and it is much needed for small business to use technology for their better results.